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I can not believe how unprofessional this company is!They constantly spoke down to me and are very pretentious.

I was nothing but polite and explained to them that I am in the military and feel that I would really enjoy raising a German Shepard, but they just said that they don't believe me and that I should take my business elsewhere. I actually don't understand why I was treated so poorly by these people who sport a huge chip on their shoulder. Even though they became increasingly degrading, I remained polite but it was useless.

I would highly suggest heeding their advice, and taking your business elsewhere because they will just leave you frustrated and angry!Hope this helps.

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Helena, Montana, United States #1202405

John from Highlander Bluff Kennels was not only nonprofessional, but nasty in speaking to me over the phone, just because I specified in wanting a dark sable.He said I didn't get to choose, and that whether a shepherd is black and tan, all black, sable ect.

should not matter. He continued on by saying I get whatever he sends me.

For anybody reading this it is just as important to have a quality relationship as having a quality dog from a reputable breeder.


The owner and family have serious mental issues! find a breeder that is not on heavy antipsychotics

to Anonymous #987748

Absolutely ridiculous!They must not have approved of you having one of their puppies so you post such a nasty comment?

So you're saying you have access to their medical records and have proof of what you are writing? It sounds like you are the one with mental issues and need medication.

I have found this breeder to be very helpful and caring.I have one of their S litter puppies and couldn't be happier with both our dog and our experience with such a wonderful breeder.

Bronx, New York, United States #967644

I have talked to alicia on the phone and was going to get one of her dogs, due to issues with a special needs child , I had to put the families puppy plans on hold, and eventually wound up getting a puppy from someone else, after speaking with her several times on the phone I find all of these negative comments hard to believe, she was always very pleasant with me on the phone and always took the time to talk with me and answer my questions.


I sent an email asking about a dog they may know considering they bought puppies from the same dam.I received two email back insinuating I was trying to swindle them with some Nigerian bank scam.

They even tried to point out my use of formal English as suspicious. In the first email I sent I included my full name and phone number. They didn't bother once to contact or google me.

I am still searching for the original owner of my dog and because I wasn't waving dollars they treated me like I was going to steal their social security numbers.Sigh* If you have no input a professional response will be appreciated.

to Anonymous #987745

Really you're angry because they didn't know your dog's lineage & they didn't do your research for you? Why not try the pedigree database? Your post sounds suspicious to me.

New York City, New York, United States #658682

A few years ago I purchased a puppy from this breeder and the animal turned out to have numerous genetic health defects. The breeder did not honor their warranty on the dog and the ordeal cost me thousands of dollars. As for being a legendary homocide Detective, if one does their research they will find the one homicde this Detective investigated ended up being falsly convicted and subsequently released from prison!

to bad breeder #709588

Suspicious that you don't leave your name ...if the dog had health issues you did not contact me #1 so I find this hard to believe.

Beyond that ....NONE of our dogs are in NYC!!! So obviously this is someone making this all up.

There was an investigation and all police involved were found to have done everything legally.

Get a life!!!If you have an issue contact me personally instead of fabricating lies on the internet.

Alisia McIntyre

to bad breeder #828477

This business is fraud!


Thank you Matt & Lee.Sal.....You must be confused!

The dogs are NOT are main source of income!!! I am a critical care nurse, my Dad is a retired Homicide Detective 1st Grade that voluntarily did TWO tours in Vietnam as a Green Beret, he was a Police K9 Trainer/Handler etc.

All of which can be proved.Apparently you are angry that we didn't allow you to buy one of our dogs.


I was interested in Tisha's recent litter, but knew I would be able to make it to the kennel to meet Tisha and Apache this winter, so I didn't really persue it.But since then I have really looked into Highlander and I love everything about this breeder, including what I have read here.

She could have made easy money selling a dog to this guy, but this is more to her than about money and I respect it.I can't wait to visit this spring summer and talk about any upcoming litters.

keep up the good work HGS-Matt


These puppies are this family's main source of income. They are exactly; weird, pretentious, and dysfunctional. The threesome exaggerate their mediocre lives tremendously.


get a life nuckle head


The anonymous person that wrote the above complaint contacted me via emailstating that " I am very interested in purchasing a German Shepherd Puppy.I am leaving for flight school in the Navy in October and would like to purchase one in late August / early September region, Is this possible?"

The person did not identify himself by name or leave a telephone number.

I replied and requested that sender call me to discuss our breeding program etc. The sender then wrote back he was unable to call as his battery died, then it was because he was in the process of getting a new phone......I informed him that we require an initial phone interview and then prior to the adoption process an in person interview is necessary - still he wanted to correspond via email. I will not sell a puppy to an anonymous person, we are not a puppy mill. It is vital to place the right puppy with the right family.

I am a very responsible and dedicated breeder far from unprofessional or pretentious.

I do have all of the emails if anyone wants proof.

to Alisia / Highlander German She #601276

I have one of Alicia's pup (Zoe), we got her in Sept 2012, one of Anika's pups.She is gorgeous!

What Alicia says above is totally correct, I emailed her, left a number, she called me for the initial phone interview, then we went to look at the pups and were then interviewed again.She will not sell her pups to anyone, she does the right thing!

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